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From Probation Officer to Yogi

From Probation Officer to Yogi

By David Laboski

If someone told me 25 years ago that I would be sitting in front of teenagers inside a juvenile detention facility teaching and leading them through mindfulness practices and yoga asanas, I would have looked at them with a puzzled look and laughed. Yoga? I cannot even touch my toes. And what is mindfulness? Continue Reading

Program Update: The Art Project at NCJJC

Kristin Baxter, Associate Professor of Art at Moravian College, has been leading Shanthi Project’s Art Project since fall 2017, teaching art lessons to the teen residents of Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center. In this post she shares the origins of the Project along with some highlights and learnings. Continue Reading

Meet Our New Executive Director

We’re excited to announce that Maureen Wendling is our new executive director! Denise Veres, Shanthi Project’s founding executive director, will continue to serve on the Board of Directors and stay involved with outcome research. “2018 was truly Shanthi Project’s break-out year, and I’m excited to continue this momentum throughout 2019 and beyond,” said Maureen. “I… Continue Reading

Shanthi Writing Project: Sharing My Impressions

by John Cosgrove The writing project grew out of my earlier experiences teaching yoga at NCJJC.   I would often read a poem at the beginning of my class to set a tone or intention for the class.  At the end of class boys would sometimes comment about the poem, or tell me that they also… Continue Reading

Welcome to Shanthi Project’s blog.

Hello Friends, Welcome to Shanthi Project’s blog. In the coming months, you will hear about Shanthi Project programs through my posts and those of our program directors, instructors and Board of Directors. Shanthi Project is in its 6th year, and I’m pleased and proud to share with you that seven of our original instructors are still… Continue Reading

Shanthi Project’s teachers are skilled and compassionate, and have received specialized training in trauma-informed mindfulness and yoga

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