Our Programs

We provide variety of educational programming and mindfulness workshops to children and adults inside schools and throughout the community. If you would like to participate in an upcoming training session, or invite our teachers into your space, please contact us for more information!


In-Class Mindfulness


We provide a 16-session in-class mindfulness program, called Calm + Kind + Focused, which is offered twice per week for eight weeks to children in grades K-12.  Each 20-minute session is implemented in the classroom. The program follows a curriculum developed by Shanthi Project, based on the Mindful Schools and Mind-UP curricula.  Both Mindful Schools and Mind-UP have extensive outcome research showing consistent increases in self-awareness, attentional capacity, self-regulation and social skills.    

After-School ProgramS + Summer Camps

Our after-school programs and summer camp provide trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness-based games, activities, and art. These hour-long classes are taught in community-based venues as well as schools. 

The successful outcomes of our Calm + Kind + Focused curricula can continue outside of the classroom to keep positive emotional responses at the forefront outside of a student's traditional learning structure. 

CLASSROOM Teacher + Staff In-Service Training

Shanthi Project offers a variety of trainings, including an introduction to trauma-informed practices, mindfulness practices for the classroom, and self-care for the classroom teacher.

We can customize any training to meet the needs of your school or organization.

Parent + Child Workshops

Presented in a series or as one-time training, our certified teachers share mindfulness techniques that can be utilized in the home setting. When pro-social behavior is displayed by multiple members of the family, the results have a lasting impact on the family's overall health and wellbeing. Parents and children learn side-by-side in a fun and engaging workshop.


This workshop can be based in a school or community setting.


Trauma-Informed Training

We offer one in-person trauma training for the community each year. The course is a 14-hour commitment for educators, community leaders and qualified individuals interested in helping reduce the impact of trauma in their communities. 


Please contact us or join our mailing list for information and updates.

Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center

During weekly mindfulness and trauma-informed yoga classes, students learn valuable skills that cultivate self-awareness, self-esteem, and promote positive emotions, helping them to establish healthy and productive relationships with themselves, their families and the community.


This program includes mindful art with Kristin Baxter, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Moravian College, and a poetry writing workshop led by

John Cosgrove who taught in public schools for more than 30 years.

Workplace WELLNESS

Mindfulness in the workplace has been shown to increase focus and productivity and decrease stress and anxiety. We can help make that happen in your workplace too! Shanthi Project will come to your business or organization to facilitate a one-day workshop or ongoing mindfulness training for your staff.

Contact Maureen Wendling for more information. 

P.O. BOX 91423 | Allentown, PA 18109

info@shanthiproject.org | 610-829-9134

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