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Call for Board Candidates

We are looking for new board of director candidates! Do you have an interest in mental wellness, mindfulness, and yoga? Do you possess any of the following skills:  HR, finance, accounting, or fundraising? If so, we would love to talk to you about Shanthi Project!

Our mission is to teach social-emotional resiliency through the practice of mindfulness.

2020 has brought an increased need for our services for children, parents, educators, service providers and employers. We are looking for business and community leaders who can volunteer their time and talents to help us meet the need.

Expectations of the board as a whole include:

- Determining mission and purposes of the organization

- Strategic and organizational planning

- Selecting and evaluating the performance of the ED

- Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management

- Approving and monitoring Shanthi Project’s programs and services

- Enhancing Shanthi Project’s public image

Expectations of individual board members include:

- Serving as active advocates for the organization and fully engage in identifying/securing financial resources and partnerships necessary for Shanthi Project to advance its mission

- Knowing the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs

- Reading and understanding Shanthi Project’s financial statements

- Leveraging personal connections and networks to benefit Shanthi Project’s fundraising and reputational standing

- Giving a meaningful personal financial donation annually to Shanthi Project

- Preparing for, attending, and participating in board meetings

- Participating in one or more committees

*Please note, according to Shanthi Project Bylaws, all board members serve a two-year term, but are eligible for two consecutive re-elections. All board officers shall serve a one-year term, but are eligible for two consecutive re-elections.

To share your interest, please contact our Executive Director, Maureen Wendling, via email at Thank you in advance!

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