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How does our programming help students to live mindfully?

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Shanthi Project is a 501(c)(3) education nonprofit providing evidence-based mindfulness services to more than 4,000 children and adults annually across the Greater Lehigh Valley. Committed for more than a decade to education and advocacy, we are an established agency in the Trauma-Informed Education Movement, and the local authority on building resilience in an increasingly complex 21st-century world. 

We offer the benefits of mindfulness, which increase mind-body self-awareness, reduce stress and improve focus. Our work promotes positive emotions that help others learn important skills to establish, or re-establish, healthier and more productive relationships at home, school, work, and within their communities.

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Sarah Dennehy, Shanthi Project's own Director of Programs, has written a book! Mindful with Me is a guide to mindfulness for children and families—including kid-friendly activities, instructions & background.

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Elementary Classroom

"[Shanthi Project] gave us incredible tools, listened without judgement, and had a calming presence that made the hour feel like the most important of the day!"

- Farah Vallera, Professor of Practice,

Lehigh University


Mindfulness in the News

Meditating at Home

Nature: Self-Administered Mindfulness Practice Reduces Stress Levels 


Newly published research proves the efficacy of mindfulness interventions, even when they're brief.

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Shanthi Project: We Launched a New Membership Program Called the Veres Society!


Named in honor of our founder, this new membership program supports our essential programming.

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Nature: Practicing Mindfulness Can Change Our Brains & Our Behaviors!


The data shows that consistent mindfulness practice can help regulate and manage stress-related eating.

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