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Shanthi Project has five main programs, which you can learn more about below:

In-Class Mindfulness / Classroom Teacher & Staff In-Service Training

In-Class Mindfulness

This 8-week program is designed to give classroom students and their teacher mindfulness strategies and techniques to build self-awareness that enhances self-regulation, resilience, and empathy.

  • Sixteen 20-minute sessions, twice weekly with students and classroom teacher.
  • Pre-K through High School; Special Needs populations.
  • Combines accessible instruction in breath awareness, movement/activities, and curriculum instruction to increase attentional capacity.
  • Instruction on the brain and Sympathetic Nervous System responses to understand emotions triggers.
  • Practice mindfulness techniques in calm times to use when emotionally triggered.

Classroom Teacher In-Service Training

  • Trauma-informed training in mindfulness practices for use in the classroom.
  • Trauma-informed de-escalation techniques based on mindfulness and designed to get students re-focused and back to learning quickly.
  • Self-care techniques for the classroom teacher.

Child Welfare & After-School Programs

Child Welfare

  • Through contract with Northampton County Human Services/Children, Youth & Families, trauma-informed, therapeutic yoga and mindfulness is provided to clients by referral.
  • One-on-one and family sessions are scheduled through County Caseworkers.
  • The goal is to teach tools and techniques that rebalance the nervous system to attenuate symptoms of trauma, reintegrate body awareness, and establish positive coping skills.

After-School and Summer Camp Programs

  • Trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness in after-school settings
  • Hour-long classes that provide yoga postures with relaxation/de-stressing from the school day.
  • Classes taught in community-based venues as well as schools.
  • Summer Camp yoga and mindfulness for mind-body fitness, community-building, and fun!

Court-Involved & Recovery Programs


  • Weekly trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness classes in Northampton County Prison/male and female units.
  • Trauma-informed yoga classes and in-class mindfulness in Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center/four 12-bed Treatment Units (male and female).
  • Services designed to reduce stress and anxiety and increase body-mind self-awareness to increase self-control, resilience, and empathy.

Recovery & Homeless

  • Trauma-informed, therapeutic yoga and mindfulness in drop-in recovery centers to help attenuate trauma symptoms, increase mind-body awareness, and teach mindfulness skills to help in on-going substance abuse recovery.
  • Trauma-informed, therapeutic yoga and mindfulness in homeless shelters to help attenuate trauma symptoms, increase mind-body awareness, and teach mindfulness skills to help with the physical and emotional challenges of homelessness.

The Writing Project

Taught by John Cosgrove, the Writing Project gives interested boys and girls the opportunity to read, write, and share poetry, as well as to have an online presence to give voice to their feelings, ideas, and personal stories.

Read more about The Writing Project.

The Art Project

Kristin Baxter, Associate Professor of Art at Moravian College, teaches art lessons to the teen residents of Northampton County Juvenile Treatment Center. Under her direction, they’ve created jewelry and decorative boxes, learned how to weave, and much more. They’ve also visited exhibits at Allentown Art Museum and her classes at Moravian College.

Read more about The Art Project.

Shanthi Project’s teachers are skilled and compassionate, and have received specialized training in trauma-informed mindfulness and yoga

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