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The Writing Project

The Writing Project gives interested boys and girls the opportunity to read, write, and share poetry, as well as to have an online presence to give voice to their feelings, ideas, and personal stories.

“People who write poetry after trauma can learn to see themselves with pride, as individuals who have had difficult experiences–gaining a perspective beyond feelings of hurt, defectiveness, shame, and a sense of personal responsibility.” —Writing with At-Risk Youth by Richard Gold.

Below is a poem by one of the students. You can more poetry on our blog.


There’s Something Wrong With Me
I always lie
All I ever do is cry
I freeze in fear as people walk by
Please answer me why
I’ve seen therapists
They say, “Here’s a number.”
They can handle this
I’ve seen psychologists they
Say, “Make sure she takes this.”
I’ve seen doctors they
Say, “Take her here. I’m sorry sir.”
My life goes by in a blur
Always hearing people say,
“What’s wrong with her?”

John Cosgrove
Founder & Facilitator
Shanthi Project Writing Project

Shanthi Project’s teachers are skilled and compassionate, and have received specialized training in trauma-informed mindfulness and yoga

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