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Shine Brightly

Our mindfulness education teaches students of all ages and backgrounds how to become their best and brightest selves, despite the adversity they may face. We provide the tools and resources to maintain inner peace and courage, even when the external world feels chaotic.

Because when a child is calm, present and content, they are free to let their internal light shine brightly.
It costs Shanthi Project $1,950 to facilitate our Calm+Kind+Focused mindfulness curriculum in each individual classroom—or $65 per student.

When you support in-class programming for one student, you're making a tangible, meaningful impact.

Read Serena's story below to learn how your generosity enables us to change the lives of local students.

This giving season, will you help us empower Lehigh Valley children to become their best and brightest selves?


Shanthi Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible.


You can also text SHINE to 707070 to donate!


Meet Serena.

When first-grader Serena returned to school after the COVID-19 pandemic, she was diagnosed with selective mutism. She was overwhelmed and anxious, and she only felt comfortable standing in the back of the room.

Serena still hadn't spoken since coming back from the shutdown, when our Shanthi Project mindfulness instructor Miss Jo entered her classroom. On the first day of the Calm+Kind+Focused mindfulness program, Serena didn't say a word. 

Miss Jo began with a short breathing exercise. Then, she asked: Does anyone feel nervous when they go into a new situation?  

Standing in the back of the classroom, Serena raised her hand and said,

“I feel that way.”

At that moment, mindful breathing allowed Serena to self-regulate and manage her anxiety. In turn, she was able to speak. 

When Miss Jo returned, Serena felt comfortable enough to express herself verbally once again. The following week, Serena sat down in her seat.

Today, Serena speaks freely, sits among her peers, and enjoys meaningful friendships at school. 

Today, Serena is free to let her light shine brightly.

But four lessons in, things changed.

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