healing minds and strengthening communities through trauma-informed mindfulness and yoga

About Us

Shanthi Project provides mindfulness and therapeutic yoga throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley to thousands of at-risk children and youth, and trauma survivors of all ages.

Through yoga postures, breath awareness, and understanding the genesis of and skills to control strong emotions, students learn valuable coping and life skills as well as the physical benefits of strength, balance and flexibility that a yoga practice can provide.

These practices cultivate mind-body self-awareness, enhance resilience, and promote positive emotions that help establish a healthier and more productive home, school or work environment, including the benefits of healthy relationships with family, peers, teachers, and co-workers.

Our Values

  • Acceptance – Our classes are a judgment-free zone, allowing the students to fully express their thoughts and feelings without fear.
  • Compassion – We treat all of our students with the respect and kindness they deserve but often have not received in their lives.
  • Collaboration – We value our relationships with the communities, partners and donors who support our students and us.
  • Quality – Our teachers are highly skilled professionals, trained in therapeutic practices and deeply committed to our mission.
  • Commitment – We are dedicated to providing consistent service to our students, as well as helping build a healthy and thriving community.

Shanthi Project’s teachers are skilled and compassionate, and have received specialized training in trauma-informed mindfulness and yoga

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